Managed IT Planning.

How will you manage the changes required for your school’s IT in the years to come? IT Planning with SNS is a simple and free way to future-proof your school’s IT.

New developments in IT for schools are unveiled each year. There are updates, new programs, new protocols. Plus, your computers and other hardware will need replacing as the years pass.

If you have concerns about how to stay on top of it all, speak to SNS about our Managed IT Planning service. It allows you to plan a clear vision for your school’s future.

This is a 100% free service, where you will consult with your own SNS Account Manager each term. Together, you will assess your current IT infrastructure, and put together a bespoke long-term plan for your school.

SNS Managed IT Planning for schools

We’re here to help. Get in touch and let us know your requirements.

What our Managed IT Planning can offer your school

SNS IT solutions for schools

Plan for the future, today

SNS IT solutions for schools

A ‘roadmap’ of your school’s ICT plans

SNS IT solutions for schools

Free of charge service from SNS

SNS IT solutions for schools

Regular audits from a dedicated SNS Account Manager

SNS IT solutions for schools

Budgeting guidance

SNS IT solutions for schools

Rolling equipment replacement schedule

SNS IT solutions for schools

Peace of mind that your school’s IT is future-proofed

We will work with you to develop a roadmap for future expenditure, including how and when to replace to consumable equipment. We will also make sure that new developments in educational IT are built into your rolling plans. This means you will benefit from the latest technological advances in all areas of your school’s computing needs.

You will be able to see your IT move forward at a pace your school is comfortable with, and ensure you are getting the most out of your current equipment. All while being prepared to respond and adapt to the new developments in IT technology as they come in.

Your school’s long-term IT plan

With professional support from SNS, you can take away the stress of strategic, long-term IT planning. We support so many schools, both small and large, across the region.

This means we can see the ‘bigger picture’, and can share that advice with you. Consulting each term with your SNS Account Manager means you will have a plan for the future, and can stay on top of your school’s IT, and most importantly, stay on budget.

SNS IT support for schools

Network Cable Installation

Wireless networks are the way forward, but if you don’t know your WLAN from your WiFi, SNS are here to help.
SNS IT support for schools

IT Hardware

SNS can assist with the supply and installation os all hardware for your school’s ICT provision.
SNS IT support for schools

On Site IT Support

SNS assist more than 100 schools throughout Kent, the south-east and London.
SNS IT support for schools

SIMS & Admin Support

We are specialist providers of SIMS support for schools in Kent, Sussex and South London.
SNS IT support for schools

Filtered Broadband

We provide fast, secure and reliable broadband for schools in Kent and London.
SNS IT support for schools

Monitored Backups

SNS offer monitored, secure Cloud backup for Curriculum and Admin networks, so all your school’s data can be easily recovered.