On-Site IT Support Services.

Looking for school IT support? SNS have been providing On-Site IT Support Services for over 21 years, assisting more than 100 schools throughout Kent, the south-east and London.

Our supported schools have peace of mind that any IT issues will be fixed quickly and effectively.

There is no better way of supporting your school’s IT systems than by having an expert on site who you can rely on and trust.

The aim of our ICT support service is to prevent issues arising in the first place. This is achieved by ongoing, proactive maintenance of your school’s systems.

However, when things do go wrong, as they are known to, you will have an SNS expert there to fix them.

We have delivered IT support for schools for over two decades, which means we have regularly encountered a wide range of issues. Therefore, we know how to quickly put things right, and can get the problem fixed for you as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Depending on the size and requirements of your school, you can choose scheduled visits from half a day to five days per week. It is flexible and can be tailored to your changing needs.

For all On-Site Support you will be visited by the same technicians, meaning that you are able to build a good, efficient relationship. We believe this is especially vital in the school environment, so you will have the same expert on hand, making sure your staff and students get the very best from your school’s IT.

We also offer Remote Support

We’re here to help. Get in touch and let us know your requirements.

Why choose SNS for your onsite IT support services?

SNS IT solutions for schools

Peace of mind – your IT systems will always be proactively maintained

SNS IT solutions for schools

Opt for half-day, daily, weekly or fortnightly IT Support on-site visits

SNS IT solutions for schools

Expert help for when, avoidably, things do go wrong

SNS IT solutions for schools

The same technician will visit you, whenever possible

SNS IT solutions for schools

Easy and fast fault logging via the FaultLog

SNS IT solutions for schools

Fully trained, DBS-checked IT technicians

SNS IT solutions for schools

Competitive pricing

FaultLog, our exclusive system

Choose SNS for your school ICT support, and you’ll have full use of the ‘FaultLog’. We developed this unique service facility solely for use in schools.

It enables all members of staff to easily report any IT faults by clicking an icon on any workstation within the school.

This request will be delivered directly to your support technician prior to their next visit, enabling a more efficient use of their time on-site.

SNS IT support for schools

Network Cable Installation

Wireless networks are the way forward, but if you don’t know your WLAN from your WiFi, SNS are here to help.
SNS IT support for schools

IT Hardware

SNS can assist with the supply and installation os all hardware for your school’s ICT provision.
SNS IT support for schools

SIMS & Admin Support

We are specialist providers of SIMS support for schools in Kent, Sussex and South London.
SNS IT support for schools

Filtered Broadband

We provide fast, secure and reliable broadband for schools in Kent and London.
SNS IT support for schools

Monitored Backups

SNS offer monitored, secure Cloud backup for Curriculum and Admin networks, so all your school’s data can be easily recovered.