SIMS Training Courses

Specific training on all aspects of SIMS, from ensuring all users are familiar with the software to producing custom reporting for Ofsted inspections

SIMS Training courses overview

Sims General Office User

A school’s management information system (MIS) holds a vast amount of data, which if accurately maintained can be used to inform school improvement strategies and support a wide range of school management activities, including processing statutory returns.

Course Objectives
By the end of the course you will have the skills necessary to use SIMS in a school office environment.

  • finding your way around SIMS
  • looking up pupil information
  • making day to day adjustments to pupil details
  • extending pupil details (attaching individual photos, entering traveller status, recording nationality and passport information)
  • managing historical records
  • adding agents and linking them to agencies
  • responding to information received about pupils and contacts
  • dealing with leavers
  • dealing with new arrivals
  • how to record exclusions
  • sending a letter home
  • Running basic reports from SIMS.

Course Requirements
The course is aimed at new users of SIMS in the school office, new recruits or staff with new responsibilities in primary schools. No previous knowledge of SIMS is required. It would also be useful for administrative staff/data managers with responsibility for maintaining pupil information.


This course covers the procedures in Attendance which enables users to meet the school’s day to day statutory attendance monitoring needs. It includes configuring Attendance, preparing letters, capturing data efficiently, statutory attendance codes and extracting information through a variety of reports.

Course Objectives
By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • plan a strategy for managing the statutory attendance process
  • customise SIMS Attendance to meet the particular needs of your school
  • understand the potential links to other functionality in SIMS 
  • identify the most efficient way of collecting attendance data
  • understand how to maintain that data effectively
  • know how to report attendance data to help monitor attendance at a range of levels
  • generate letters to parents efficiently.

Course Requirements
The course is aimed at users with an understanding of the school's Attendance procedures and a familiarity with SIMS.

Sims Office – Hints & Tips

The one day SIMS Office User course is a sound grounding to the main functions of pupil and contact data in SIMS. This course aims to demonstrate useful ways of managing school data, best practice housekeeping and to extend your awareness of functionality within SIMS.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course you will have an understanding of:

  • Contact management Customising correspondence User defined groups
  • User defined fields An introduction to behaviour
  • Alerts, notifications and communication Merging agents and agencies
  • Quick reports Changes to data - bulk update.

This course covers useful housekeeping tips regarding processes you may not carry out every day, some that may have been forgotten and some that should make school life easier.

Course Requirements

A basic knowledge of SIMS including reporting is required

Sims Reporting

SIMS holds a vast amount of data, which if accurately maintained can be used to inform school improvement strategies and support a wide range of school management activities including processing statutory returns. This course will guide you through the basics of the designing reports process using tasks based on typical scenarios which arise daily within the school office. 

Course Objectives
By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • produce lists of information
  • produce mail merged address labels
  • produce mail merged letters
  • use preview effectively
  • use filtering and sorting effectively
  • re-use and modify reports Select an appropriate output format.

Course Requirements
You must be familiar with the day to day use of SIMS, the range of data which is stored within the database and how that data is entered and maintained. You are likely to have attended other SIMS user courses such as SIMS Office User and SIMS Office User - Top Tips and Techniques.

Sims Advanced Reporting Introduction

This course will advance your ability to carry out the report designing process in SIMS, with the objective to extract useful information from the pupils’ database in a variety of formats. The course continues from the Standard Reporting course and so assumes that you are able to create basic reports. The Extended Reporting course will cover using sub-reports where pupils have many pieces of data attached to them (for example contacts) and will look at creating user defined templates in Word, Rich Text Format Reports, reports from different focuses, outputting to Excel and making basic use of macros.

Course Objectives
By the end of the course you will have a clear understanding of how reports are produced in SIMS and in particular be able to:

  • Report using sub-reports Create Word templates
  • See how to save paper with columns Understand why delegates would use a Rich Text Format Report
  • Look at different focuses and create reports using them
  • Output to Excel and the use of basic macros

Throughout the course tasks/activities will be related to scenarios. This will equip you with the skills to respond to requests for information needed from the software on pupils. These requests may come from sources within or external to the school.

Course Requirements
This course requires you to have a basic knowledge of reporting up to the level obtained through the Standard Reporting course. It assumes that you are able to create basic reports, which can be output to standard lists or Word mail merges and assumes that you have used SIMS Analysis and other output types from SIMS.