Managed IT Planning

The key to our IT management service is a not only a thorough understanding of your existing system and equipment, but how you intend to use it both today and in the future.

“Working with your School or Academy to plan for the future”.

The key for a school to fully trust the ICT network which they rely upon so greatly is keeping up with new developments and ensuring a robust yet easy to use system is in place. At SNS our experience and volume of schools we support allows us to recommend the best course of action for any size school.

We will work with you to develop a plan for future expenditure, relating to consumable equipment along with options for improvement over the coming months and years. At SNS we ensure that new developments within educational ICT are built into rolling plans, allowing us to offer the latest technological advances in all areas of a school’s computing needs.

Through termly meetings with your own account manager you will be able to see your ICT move forward at a pace your school is comfortable with whilst ensuring you are getting the most out of your current equipment.